Girl Guru Two – What’s your name and where do you come from?

The next instalment of Girl Guru. Please allow me to introduce Babette. She is a cool chick, with flowing locks of hair. In her spare time she loves to eat good food and go on long walks. Also she loves cat sitting sort of like baby sitting but for cats!

So Babette, what do you think to the following?

1. Worst fashion mistake that men do?
Almost any time men ‘do fashion’ it goes wrong. Just look at a Gap mannequin and buy everything it is wearing. That is far enough.
2. Skinny jeans/No Skinny jeans?
No. Slim cut great, skin-tight bad.
3. What is a deal breaker when dating a guy?
Aside from the obvious (cheating, racist/sexist/generally offensive language etc) I have no time for men who aren’t ambitious or engaged in bettering themselves/furthering their career. It’s not to do with money, there’s just something very sexy about having a passion to succeed and wanting personal growth and a total turn off when a man is lazy and apathetic. I couldn’t go out with someone like that.
Also, men (and people in general) who are down on themselves and say negative things about themselves, or expect you to build them up with compliments and constant attention. Building your self-esteem is your responsibility, not mine, and I’m looking for an equal partner, not someone I have to take care of.
4. Why do girls like a bad boy and not a gentleman?
This is actually a myth. ‘Bad boys’ are generally more aggressive in their initial pursuit of woman than gentlemen, and in our society the expectation is still that the man pursues, so it’s logical that bad boys get more dates. Women with low self-esteem may find being treated badly fits in with the low opinion they hold of themselves, but most women I know are looking for a man who is adult, respectful, kind and interesting company, who holds the door open for them and who won’t mess them about. Men, if a woman is only interested in men with fast cars and loose manners, leave her well alone. You can do better.
5. Best way to approach a woman?
Easiest done at a bar or coffee shop or somewhere there is something neutral to talk about. Say hi, or ask whether she’s ever tried the red velvet cake/espresso martini/nicer bar around the corner, and keep your eyes on her face when you’re talking to her. Do NOT glide your eyes over her body while mumbling something about how you can tell she’s a really nice person. At least pretend you’re not just talking to her because she’s hot. My favourite openers have involved asking me about the book I’m reading, the coat I’m wearing and about my job. I ended up in bed with each of those men. Not at the same time.
6. If a guy doesn’t want to see you again what’s the best way to let you know this?
A text is fine, and kindness is key. ‘Hi, I had a nice time but there wasn’t enough chemistry for me. Best wishes for the future.’ Short, simple, and hopefully honest. Infinitely preferable to the slow fade. Also, if you’re not feeling it while on the date, don’t get any hopes up by kissing or sleeping together or talking about future dates.
7. Perfect date?
Something casual and with opportunities to extend or cut short, for example: a coffee, which could be followed by a walk or seeing an art exhibition if you like each other, and is a minimal investment of time if you don’t. I prefer non-alcoholic first dates.
Later dates I think it’s great to do something or go somewhere neither of you have been before. Shared experiences are bonding and adventures are fun.
8. Does size matter?
Only if you’re very small or very large. Average is actually ideal, because sex can be more adventurous without causing pain. Some of the most amazing lovers I’ve had have been on the smaller side. Most women really don’t care about penis size.
9. Why do you pee in herds?
Because we talk to each other constantly. Women are communicators. It’s a sisterhood.
10. Do periods actually sync with other women?
Science can’t find any definitive proof, but anecdotally many women who live in close proximity find this happens. I’ve had it happen on many occasions. Sisterhood, I’m telling you.
Hope this helps guys? Tomorrow I will introduce my final Girl Guru.

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