Girl Guru One – What’s your name and where do you come from?

So here is the first instalment of what I promised you. A series of questions answered by my girl guru’s.

You want to know a question but to afraid to ask it for fear of looking stupid, then let me know and I will ask the Guru’s and get the answer from the horse’s mouth. Just want to clarify that my Guru’s are beautiful not horses. 🙂

Guru number one is a delightful dark-haired lady, into healthy eating, running in bright trainers who hails from distant shores. Oh and I think she loves a glass/bottle of wine. I am going to call her Cynthia

So here goes guys reality check is coming

1. Worst fashion mistake that men do?
Having no fashion sense whatsoever. It’s 2014, there’s no excuse for this.

2. Skinny jeans/No Skinny jeans?
Skinny jeans? No thank you. It’s not sexually attractive when a man has skinner legs than me. And accentuating this is not my idea of fun.

20140805-085831 pm-75511999.jpg
This is a no-no boys!!!!

3. What is a deal breaker when dating a guy?
If they’re tight, I’m out. There’s nothing more off-putting than someone who isn’t willing to buy you a few drinks. I’m all for equality but sometimes we like dominance and chivalry too.

4. Why do girls like a bad boy and not a gentleman?
It’s the mofo thrill. Chuck Bass, where are you! xoxo Gossip Girl.

5. Best way to approach a woman?

6. If a guy doesn’t want to see you again what’s the best way to let you know this?
By telling the truth. No point beating around the bush here, we won’t lose any sleep. There’s other fish in the sea so we’ll just stick in our fishing rod and pull out a big whale!

7. Perfect date?
Somewhere dark. It makes everyone look hotter. Something Authentic yet exciting.

8. Does size matter?
Yes I prefer a taller man!

9. Why do you pee in herds?
This is time for private chats!

10. Do periods actually sync with other women?


Guru two’s answers will be up tomorrow


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