Upcycled wooden pallet to garden bench

Today I took one wooden pallet that was thrown on a skip and turned it into a wonderful garden bench!




It’s simple, cheap and good for the environment.

One pallet is enough to create a two-seater bench, and the rustic look adds to the effect of an aged bench you have had the bench forever.

All you need is some nails, a few screws, a hammer, screw driver and finally a saw. Be safe as some of the nails I encountered were really rusty. No one wants a tetanus jab.

I took the pallet and created planks of 40 inches long and planks of 20 inches long. Keeping the lengths all the same size helps with the ease of construction and nothing can in theory end up in the wrong place.

Assembly is entirely up to you. As you can see I created a really unique looking bench by allowing some of the planks to over shoot in the back.

I need to add one more central leg to give it that increased stability and then I will stain it to increase the over all effect.

Its amazing what a bit of time and effort can create plus like I said it saved me pennies. Hope you like it.





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