DIY Project – Wooden pallet to raised veg bed

So I tasked myself this year with making more of go in my Garden and growing on what I learned last year. So after seeing and hearing people talking about recycling and reusing items to save on money etc. I decided to tackle my own little DIY project.

I scoured a local skip near my house and found a wooden pallet on the pile. These pallets are often found at developments etc and are nine times out of ten sent to the rubbish heap. So I under the cover of darkness sneaked back and liberated the below pallet from its consigned fate. One little pointer which you should do is always ask before taking, my excuse is that there was no one around. Honest!!


What you will need:
1 x Hammer
Tape Measure
Sharp Saw


Take your tape measure and measure out four planks roughly the same size. These will form your walls. Take another plank and mark our four equal sized lengths on one plank. These will form the posts.

Once everything is measured. Take your saw and get cracking. Be careful I have scars on my fingers from fights with saws. THEY ARE SHARP.

Once you have them all cut to length it’s just a matter of nailing them together. This can be fiddly so you may need some help. Once all assembled it looks like below. Pretty cool huh.

I could have gone into more detail about exact lengths etc but why bother customize your own. Create what you need for your garden.

Below you can see the finished piece. Leeks and Pak Choi planted. Looks tidy compared to before.


Finished work


Half way there see to the right hand corner what it looked like before


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