Battle of the Christmas Ad

With November upon us, its seems that is has become a tradition that huge commercial retailers release their Christmas Campaign ads upon us months before actual Christmas. While Christmas ads have always been something that retailers focus on, we can all think back to the classic OXO Christmas adverts of the 1980s, and who can forget the “Holidays are coming” Coke advert. One of my personal favorites.

However in recent years since mainly John Lewis upped their game, advertisers and retailers have come together to create must see ads and mini premieres which are a must see. Ever since the 2010 John Lewis advert with the soundtrack by Ellie Goudling I have been hooked and anticipate the launch of these ads.

But my question now is have the advertising agencies created a unique space in the market so unique to one specific holiday that now its not so much about advertising your products at Christmas but about trouncing the other Christmas Retailers because lets face it we don’t remember the products on offer but we remember the ads and we all love a bit of competition.

Just take the John Lewis Snowman ad, who remembers the colour of his scarf – no one, but everyone remembers that he went miles out of his way for this lady friend. And take M&S who recalls the products showcased within their ad last year – not me, I just recall a lovely man called “David Gandy” dressed as Aladdin. No one cares I believe about the products on film but about the story being told.

So many are emotive and bring us to tears and indirectly the exposure the brands get is from the engagement of the public talking about their ads or viewing their ads.

john lewis feat

How many people have spoken about Monty the Penguin? – So much so that they have sold out of Monty at Oxford Street John Lewis. Similar thing happened last year for Bear and Hare and on the side Lily Allen got a number 1 record and also this was the year John Lewis reported a record £101 Million takings thanks to the Christmas Ad.

2014 offerings

So its another year and with great anticipation we saw John Lewis reveal their ad of 2014 and it was a corker, presenting as previously mentioned Monty. Does it top Bear and Hare I don’t think so, so epic was that advert. However this ad touched our hearts and showed a sweet boy thinking about his friend and making his dream come true just enough emotional content to hit home – Great message from John Lewis commercially (shop with us your dreams come true).

Roll onto to M&S who by all accounts had a great reception to their ad last year what with the star turns by David Gandy, Helen Bonham Carter etc. This year, I feel they have come in with a weak showing. The ad features a Red Fairy and a white Fairy but I for one really don’t get the setting. However I could be alone in that. Love the soundtrack, just feel the ad doesn’t translate as good as some of the others in the past.

Then came an ad that by all accounts has touched so many peoples hearts. With the 100 Year anniversary of World War 1 Sainsbury’s teamed up with the Royal British Legion and have in my mind created one of the most beautiful ads I have ever seen. The ad featuring a retelling of when two warring sides come together and share and enjoy each others company is so powerful and quiet frankly amazing. At the end I was crying. The ending was a heart hitting piece of filming. I wont talk about it to much as you should experience it yourself but I think that this ad wins Ad of the year, if not ad of the decade. Sorry John Lewis you don’t win this one.

Winner 2013


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