Broccoli Harvested – Update

So its been a few days since I last blogged about anything and I am sorry for being quiet. Its been really hectic and I have not had a moment to myself or to be truly honest, I have not felt inspired to write.

However…. that’s changed thanks to my crop of Broccoli I harvested the other day.

I previously posted in my blog: Growing Broccoli the simple guide and I mentioned in that blog that I would show you the results.

While the other night I went out and harvested my green little stalks of goodness. Some guides say that this is a tad late in the year to gather in your crop but mine just kept on growing and even now I have new buds growing which I hope towards the end of November I will be able to use.

With a very sharp knife I managed to reap about 3 individual stalks not bad for a first attempt and I was extremely surprised how easily the knife cut through the flesh.


What I did next

As I didn’t want to use the veg there and then I decided to blanch and freeze. 2-3 minutes in boiling water and then straight into a bowl of ice cold water and then wrap and freeze.

All set for Christmas dinner. Happy days, oh and the John Lewis Advert came out today, check it out its wonderful.


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