Movember – All for a good cause


So I have decided that I will for the first time since leaving school I will try raising money by doing Movember – For those of you who don’t know Movember is a month long event where the men of the world come together in essentially what is a mass shave with only a left over hairy lip. The idea for this mass shave of solidarity is to raise awareness for the awful disease of cancer more importantly two types of cancer that affect men, Prostate and Testicular Cancer. 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their lives and the risk of getting it increases with age so its a disease that basically can strike at any rate and scarily with testicular cancer if diagnosed in the early stages has a recover rate of over 95%. Shocking when you think how easy it is to check #feelingnuts

imagesI lost my Grandfather to cancer over  a year ago and not a day goes by that I dont miss his loud brash call to my Gran to make a cuppa tea “Paaaaaaaaattttttttttt” and so I am doing this in his memory.

Yes I am going to look like a plonka and yes I probably wont even grow enough hair on my top lip to actually constitute a moustache but hey its for a good cause and its only a month of looking silly. I am more scared about the first shave rather than what I look like as I haven’t been clean shaven in probably about 5 years.

I will post my updates on here just for your giggling pleasure.


If any of you have been affected by cancer I would be extremely grateful if you would sponsor me. Even the smallest amounts will help.

You can sponsor by visiting my page below:



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