Juicing – Is it good for you?

juiceSo recently I have noticed that a few of my colleagues have been opting to do a juice diet or a juice detox, and well this sounds lovely (I love me some juice) I just wondered how healthy and safe it really is.

My friend Jenny, who has her own blog (go check it out) decided that after we had worked a really long hard corporate event she would do a juice detox. Basically this is where she would only drink juices for three days. She would have a wheat-grass shot (vile green looking liquid tastes like mowed grass mixed in water) in the morning for breakfast and then a juice in the morning about 2lt that would last morning right through to lunch. that’s it, then she had another juice for dinner again 2lts. That’s it all day, no food no coffee in the morning, no chocolate biscuit for a snack. It safe to say do not try this when you a have a social calendar that is full of birthdays and drinks you just can’t do it. To me I don’t get it, we were born to munch on food, and the idea of just drinking quite frankly sounds boring and kinda makes me want to use the bathroom.

Whats in a juice I hear you say. Well I can only go on what Jenny had but the ingredients are below:

Green Juice includes – Spinach, celery, cucumber, apple and ginger
Red Juice includes – Beetroot, red pepper, carrot, ginger and apple

Firstly yes you are getting your five a day but you are missing out on much need fibre and protein and some experts actually think that juicing for a diet or detox is the worse thing you can do. Your energy levels won’t be the same as if you eat normally and some people actually suggest you cut out high energy activities due to risks of dehydration and fainting. There are some positives though from juicing and these can be the increased phytonutrients you can get from eating vegetables and fruits, also there is the psychological effects. You “feel” healthier and more motivated and you can “think” more clearly (not guaranteed)

My thought

I feel the best way to deal with juicing is to incorporate it into your diet alongside your daily food intakes. Go organic and supplement the juices with lean proteins and small amounts of carbs and you should fine. I don’t personally feel that juicing is the right way to go full-time. I love me some steak and chips but I do believe its a good way to get 5 a day in your life and a great way of increasing your nutrient intake and they do taste good. Try adding apples and ginger to your juices if they start to taste a bit bland and a tip add a bit of chilli or Cayenne pepper to add a bit of a kick. NO alcohol.

pepperCheck out the local juice company that Jenny used in Balham – Jack Beanstalk Juice


3 responses to “Juicing – Is it good for you?

  1. I am not a nutrition expert by any means. However, I certainly agree with you. If it means not much protein and possible fainting, maybe full time is a bad idea. This was a good read, Thank you.

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