Growing Broccoli – Simple Guide

As previously mentioned in my guide to growing carrots I have only been experimenting with my green fingers in this last year and wanted to share my experiences with you.

This guide is How to Grow Broccoli – Simple steps
Following this guide will stop you buying the vegetable from the storeGoodness 

You should sow/plant your Broccoli in the spring months of March, April or May.

You should plant in an area with good drainage and where there will be good air flow. The area can be fully exposed to the sun or in some shade. Make sure that if you planted any members of the Brassica family you rotate planting to another area. A list of Brassica’s can be found at

Note that Broccoli can grow to three feet so do not plant with other smaller plants as they can be stunted in growth.

The best way I feel after some trial and error is to grow the seedlings in individual pots and allow them to gain some height and then transfer to the soil. They need to be planted some 18 inches apart, as the plant grows the leaves will reach out and you don’t want your patch to be to compact. Always wait until after the last of the winter frosts. Water well before and after sowing and cover with a nutrient rich compost.

Tips on care
Keep the soil moist. Add a  fertilizer every 10-14 days as the vegetable is a heavy feeder and will lap up the extra boost.
Mesh – this is your best friend and something I will be doing more next year. to stop the bugs. My crop was attacked by not only birds but also lots of caterpillars, which after a few weeks of hand picking off can become your worst nightmare.

To be seen in the coming weeks



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