Top tips for that first date

This Sunday on KC I thought I would do a blog post for all the singles out there.First Date
I have rather a lot of single friends who are actively dating in London and have been for some time. So I thought maybe KC could offer them some advice with the help of some of my fellow blog buddies
I asked a selection of people what would be their top tips for that very first date.
Be organised. Your date will like the planning, showing you can take charge can be a turn on. It also shows your not going to be flaky. Let them know well in advance where they are going to be taken. Allow them to get excited.
Keep it casual, go to a bar something less restrictive than a meal. A meal only limits your levels of engagement. A bar will allow you both to feel more relaxed, body language can also be used to greater effect, you can always suggest dinner later in the night if its going well!!! I suggest you try a fun bar like Adventure Bar in Clapham – a great cocktail bar with a wonderful atmosphere.
Guys, if you are taking someone out on a date offer to pay, girls you should expect to be paid for but always be prepared to pay half. It may be old school but your date will likely be prepared to pay half but ultimately you should. One its good manners and two, in this day and age the guy very rarely offers so a bit of chivalry scores you brownie points.No Ex GF
Subject matter, DO NOT talk about an ex. Worse thing you can do. If you are talking about an ex your clearly not ready for a date and need to deal with your feelings. If you progress to dating regularly then potentially you can start to talk about your histories but not on the first date. BIG NO NO!! eHarmony have a blog on why you shouldn’t talk about your ex
If you like them, make it obvious. Pay them compliments, be attentive and most importantly listen and inject relevant and meaningful conversation where appropriate.
Try calling to arrange a second date if you like them. A call is much more romantic, hardly anyone does it these days. Its all text these days. Trust me a call can be the ultimate winner and you may be surprised how long you have actually chatted for after you hang up.. Time Magazine tech section has a great little article on calling/texting – check it out
NO SLEEPOVERS. If you are going out and only wanting sleep overs you are a dirty man/lady. If you are serious about looking for that special someone then do not stay over on the first night. I would even say avoid the cliche of “coming up for a coffee” as this leads way to temptation. Play the long game. Also your mum and dad wouldn’t approve of your adult sleep overs.

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