Urban Garden

I have been in my lovely house in Croydon a town about 15 minutes south of London (some argue its a suburb some argue its not London, I honestly don’t care) and have finally got a Garden.

I should have started this section of my blog ages ago while I was getting to grips with all aspects of gardening but I have now decide its the right time to start sharing my failures and successes in my garden.

Let me tell you about my garden. It is roughly 14 ft wide by about 30 ft long. I have a lawn, and a side flower bed. I also have a shed at the back corner and also straight out the front door there is a lovely L shaped patio. Yes I am really lucky to have what I have. When we got this house we were lucky to inherit all of that plus an Apple tree and a Plum tree both of which needed some TLC.

So what did I decide to do, well I jumped in head first with very little knowledge and very little money to make it start to look nice. Nice is what I wanted for year one and I think I got there….. eventually.

So now it is coming to Autumn I thought I would share my success and failures and keep you updated with how everything is going. So keep watch and lets see what we can GROW.

Me and my garden

Me and my garden sorry for the chins


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