Carrot Growing

So as I previously mentioned I have been in my house for over a year now and I threw caution to the wind and started growing vegetables and throwing caution to the wind where gardening was concerned.

I went to my local garden centre and bought a variety of various seeds and begun planting and becoming green fingered.

One of the first types of veg I wanted to grow was Carrots. Carrots 1I love the orange root, it tastes so good and well they are just so damn good for you. According to Thompson and Morgan, carrots are easy to grow and with so many varieties you can’t really go wrong.

When to grow

Carrots are usually sown between March and July, and can be harvested between the summer and autumn seasons. I think I sowed mine slightly later but hey I am a novice at this.

Where to grow

Carrots grow best in light fertile soil in a sunny position. 2 out of 3 aint bad I suppose (compacted clay soil in my garden is a pain) and I think this is reflected in my carrot harvest. Stony or heavy soils (clay) can create stunted growth or forked carrots. You can bypass this by growing in deep containers and managing the soil you use. For the best results add plenty of organic material to the soil before growing and this should be done in the autumn.

Sowing and thinning 

Sowing should be done by boring a hole about 1cm deep and leaving about 20-30cm between each hole to allow room for growth. After sowing water well with a water can and keep soil moist. Germination should take 10 – 20 days.

Thinning your carrots allows you to grow your carrots equally and helps you protect them from slugs. Thin needs to be done twice, with the second thinning allowing a gap of around 10 cm for each carrot to grow.

Tips on care

Only water when the soil is dry don’t over water (may have given them to much water, guilty as charge). Keep weed free so no competition for light nutrients and water. Any orange poking through the soil cover with dirt to prevent turning green. (I did this part right)

Resulting crop

So below is my crop. Not bad for a first attempt and they do taste good. Some slightly strange shapes but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the taste. So well done me.


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