Facebook – Why do you do it? Too many unnecessary videos

This is going to be a bit of a rant.

Firstly I am sick and tired of people who with out a thought to other people decide to post videos of graphic violence on Facebook.

fb_icon_325x325Why do you do it?

There is enough sadness and evil in the world, why do we need it being highlighted in our daily lives. Yes I agree we need to be aware of the evils and struggles taking place out in the world but do we need it to be highlighted in our daily lives or even showcased in a status just above the status “Johnny just had a bath and is now in bed, finally I can have a glass of wine”. Yes have that glass of wine but god do you need to have it and watch these bloody videos.

I sound like I am preaching and maybe I am, but I for one am sick and tired of it. How about we post up lifting things on Facebook, and showcase the good in the world and the good humans do not the down right disturbing and hurtful.

I am sure I am not the only one in the world who agrees, but what happened to Facebook, it used to be about keeping in contact with loved ones and long lost friends, now I see more videos of people beating up other people, tigers mauling to death a student and videos of abuse. When will it stop.

Take a stand and say no, its enough.



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