Ice Challenge – Why its good and not wasteful

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a phenomenon sweeping the globe currently and celebrities, politicians and the general public have all been swept up in the craze. From Spice Girls to Presidents, from David Beckhams abs to the poor sod who had the bucket dropped on her head (see video, Ouch) everyone is doing their part.

But low and behold, out come the people on their high horses, condemning the craze and spreading negativity.

Firstly if I hear ‘oh wait that’s a waste of water, what about Africa’one more time I will go crazy. Yes I agree environmentally it is a waste of water but the amounts being wasted are not going to water Africa or even help on the grander scale. Lets be real. Do you know the amount of water that would need to be pumped into Africa to make a difference. The Water project actually estimates that nearly 1 billion people need access to clean water, is the water being wasted actually going to spread that far.

Lets take a second to think about how much money is actually being made. A lot!! Wait I hear you say ‘But I bet they don’t donate’ I hear you, but what about the awareness that the videos are bringing. How many of you can honestly say that you have heard of the ALS or other charities benefiting from this craze. Exactly.

I just feel that sometimes people who want to do good will always have their thunder stolen by someone willing to moan or put down the things they are doing. Lets support the fact that these people are helping even if they are following a craze. What’s the harm. Don’t you dare mention water waste.

This craze is a whole lot better than Neck Nominate lets agree on that.

If you wish to donate to a charity just go to the website and you can donate direct.



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