Drag Race – No vehicles needed

So my partner and I have become obsessed with a show called RuPaul’s Drag Race. For those of you who have not heard of it, you should be ashamed.

Firstly it is not about cars racing up and down a straight line. In fact there is nothing straight about it, except maybe the pit crew (all will be explained).

To sum it up Drag Race is essentially a show which has taken elements of other reality/talent shows and has created a gold mine of a show. Well done LOGO TV.

The show format is simple and features usually around 13 drag queens and they compete in a series of challenges to become the next drag super star. Challenges range from lip syncing in videos, acting, sewing and generally being a diva/bitch/star. We are literally watching a camp version of America’s Got Talent, Project Runway and American Idol. Its great, its funny, and wonderfully over the top infused  along the way of some heartfelt moments. Such is its success that it is currently filming its 7th season. Winning formula like I said.

The show starts off with the introduction show, which I have to say is one of my faves. Its sees us introduced to the weird and wonderful alter egos the drag artists have made and also allows them to eye up their competition and usually who they are going to hate. ‘I am not your mama’

It then follows a the format of a challenge an episode such as snatch game challenge, the makeover challenge and the video lip sync challenge for example until eventually one queen wins a $100 000 prize and a few other goodies. That’s a lot of dough. How many wigs can you buy with $100 000? Anyone hazard a guess.

Along the way we have tears and tantrums, such as one queen in season six who shall not be named but god she was annoying and strange ‘GURL, OKAY’ shut the fuck up dumb bitch, to the heartfelt moments and political messages such as the makeover episode in season five when Jinx Monsoon’s partner talked about being gay in the military and opened up about his personal struggle. I cried. #Don’tAskDon’tTell

The shows winning formula has been a ratings winner from day one and is attracting cult followings across the globe to the point where Jonathan Ross is in talks to produce it over here in the UK and to the point where celebs want to be guest judges. You cant keep a bloody judge on the X Factor!!!

All in all the show is great, its not about stereotyping LGBT communities as all types of people feature on the show from the butch to the camp, to the darn right alternative. Its about showing love and embracing the difference in people and saying its OK all while having fun. RuPaul is a genius and his trusty side kicks Santino and Michelle keep it real and grounded. Although I still think Santino wants to play with Michelle’s puppies.

All in all I implore you to watch it but be mindful its pretty GAY and great for musical lovers oh and they swear a lot. One good thing though  guys and girls, if you like a hot man you wont be disappointed by the pit crew.

I swear you will not be disappointed, check out and follow some of my fave’s on twitter such as @TheBiancaDelRio, @michellevisage@ApriLcarrion@LatriceRoyale oh and don’t forget Mamma Ru @RuPaul

If you don’t love yourself how the hell are you going to love somebody else, can I get an AHEM!


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