5 reasons to summer in Cornwall

Chances are you have heard of Cornwall, but how many of you have actually seriously consider going there, or even actually been. Since the crash and the fact that money has become ever increasingly tight for the average household in the UK, I am giving you ten reasons why you should considered giving up the stress of flights and all inclusive deals in countries far from home and consider holidaying in the tropical climate of Cornwall (I use the word tropical loosely but give it a chance)

1. Location

The location of Cornwall is great for those not wanting to travel for ages and ages and you wont have to worry about check in times, delayed flights and transfers. Although I will be realistic the A30 on a bank holiday Monday god help you. I suppose it just shows the popularity of this wonderful county. The location of Cornwall is great for all you Londoners, and even all you Northerners.  From the north jump on the M5, from London jump on the M4. Couple hours later your there. But my advice, take the train. The route from London to Penzance for example takes in some spectacular countryside and this train really comes into its own on the coastal stretch between Exeter and Plymouth. Travel so you hit sunset in this part or sunrise and you will be awed by its beauty. Just don’t get of the train in Devon (why would you)Dawlish View

2. Food

Well Cornwall is well known for the Pasty, its not the be all and end all. Yes pasties are amazing and yes thats right they crimp goes along the sides and they aren’t square like something you would find in Greggs, but one of the best things about Cornwall and its food has to be the fresh fish and seafood. Its claimed give or take a few metres that you are never more than 16 miles form the sea, making seafood a staple on most restaurants menus. My fave place to go when I was a little kid was to the burger vans near the piers/beaches that would offer fresh crab, clams, mussels etc. you can not beat fresh produce straight from the sea. Speak to Newlyn fish company for the latest catch of the day. Oh and for all you sweet toothed people out there, Cornwall offers the best cream teas in the world far better than our neighbour Devon and we have the wonderful Saffron cake you can sample. Oh and if your really adventurous go to Mousehole and try Stargazy  Pie. Its a looker!! Head to the Ship Inn, just so you know you may need to come back in Dec to try the pie.

3. History

When I say history I actually mean the amount of legends – Celtic legends that you can actually go investigate and explore. One of my favorites is the legend that King Arthur legends of Camelot actually come from Cornwall and that King Arthur was buried in a land called Lyonesse which sunk into the ocean. Legend has it that fishermen while out fishing between the Isles of Silly and Lands End can some time hear the church bell ringing out for the lost King. Also one of the coolest places to go would be to go to St Michaels Mount. This mount was home to a Giant so they say and before you climb up to the top if you have kids tell them the story of the Giant, then get them to run up the pathway to the top, once at the top there is a heart shaped stone, and when I was a child my father made me put my ear to that stone and you can hear the heart beat of the old giant. In fact I now know it was my own heart beat but as a young kid I was sold. There are so many legends and myths in Cornwall I could go on, but just go explore, speak to the locals and let them tell you a story or two. Do you believe in the beast of Bodmin Moor?

4. The locals

Yes they have accents and yes they are very loyal to Cornwall so much so they sometimes can come across as hating emits (slang for newcomers/tourists) but actually they love you really. Tourists bring so much money to Cornwall how can they not. The reason that I believe they are incredible is deep down they are truly wonderful people. Kind, welcoming and so willing to share their top tips/places to visit etc.  If you go to a local pub/tea room etc. strike up conversation with the local sounding person on the table next to you. You never know what tips they might offer you, that could lead you to

5. Variety

The best thing I would say about Cornwall is the ability that it has to offer a little something for everyone. As mentioned already yes foodies you will be catered for with Mecca’s such as Padstow and Rick Stien’s restaurant and places like the small but wonderfully flavoursome Ben’s Cornish Kitchen which were features in the Waitrose Good Food Guide 2015. Family entertainment I hear you ask, well yes they have that catered for too. From places such as Flambards and Dairy Land to hundreds of gorgeous beaches. The older kids could even go surfing while you sip a pint of cider try somewhere like Praa Sands which has the perfect pub the Sandbar and surf lessons can be given by Stonesreef surf school a stones through away, or for the braver of you out there go cliff jumping (with professionals please). For the more chilled out and those searching for a reflective time there are hundreds of woodland areas and tucked away coves and gardens for you to enjoy a good book. Try places like Morrab Gardens in Penzance, or even the Eden Project a great day out.

The only thing that I can not talk on is the WEATHER. All I can say is make sure you take a brolly and some waterproofs 9 times out of 10 it will be sunny. I hope.



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