Guru Girl Three – What’s your name and where do you come from?

So I would like to introduce you to my final girl. She is a northern lass called Juliet. A strong woman with stronger morals. She nose what she want’s and how to get it, just ask her plastic surgeon.

Lets she how she answers the questions.

1. Worst fashion mistake?

Trying to be too trendy. Aka dressing like a member of JLS, or super skinny jeans and terrible hair indie style. Basically looking like you’ve tried too hard and therefore look vain/self conscious.

2. Skinny jeans or no skinny jeans?

No to skinny jeans. They’re for women. Only Russell brand and people with that sort of style can get away with it. Defo not if you are anything but skinny.

3. What is a deal breaker when dating a guy?

For me. Smoker. And defo drug use. It’s not appealing. Iv overlooked in the past but it was certainly not an endearing feature.

4. Why do girls like a bad boy and not a gentleman?

I changed my mind here. I thought bad guys but actually gentlemen are what women should want but stupidly we don’t see it. People like the danger and the excitement of the bad boys. The thrill of the chase and that you were able to get them. But then it’s all just too much effort, you can’t change them and in the end no one deserves to be treated like shit.

5. Best way to approach a woman?

Confidence. It’s a cliche. Bit someone who talks to me openly about them and encourages me to be open about myself. And confidence without cheesy one liners or some obvious other motive is the most appealing.

6. If a guy doesn’t want to see you again what’s the best way to let you know?

Don’t skirt around things and avoiding saying it, or try speaking to them less or the lets be friends thing. Just be honest. It might hurt but then it’s done. We’ll get over it. Don’t be a coward.

7. Perfect date?

I don’t think there is one. With the right person you can do literally anything for a date and it be good. But the types of things I enjoy are day trips places and walks and exploring new things together. But failing that you can never beat good food and wine.

8. Does size matter?

Size? Not at all. All about the two people involved and technique. Big can be terrible. Though I imagine a button mushroom may matter..!

9. Why do you pee in herds?

So we can gossip in secret. Girls like being girly. Plus we know what were like when drunk..we wander off and lose eachother. This way we don’t lose one another. Plus we don’t miss out on anything.

10. Do periods actually sync with other women?

Not necessarily. Most often no we don’t. However I have lived with people before and realised after a few months we were all in sync. Could just be a coincidence. No idea why this happened.


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