Havelock Tavern – West London

Havelock tavern With a friend leaving the work force decided to go for a lunch to say farewell! Only fitting we went to a pub which offers exceptional food in a relaxed and chilled atmosphere! The pub in question is the Havelock TavernCider yum
between Hammersmith and Shepard’s Bush! Tucked away in an almost residential area is this little gem. It sits among white washed houses peppered with red brick houses. To stand out from the crowd it has a striking blue front, a sure fire way you won’t be missing if should you be searching it out. The pub is relaxed and chilled and not pretentious in anyway. The bar staff are friendly and attentive but the place where this pub excelled in was the delivery of its food. All food at this pub is made to order which sounds relatively common sense but with the majority of pubs mass cooking and leaving food to stand on hot plates this is a rare treat almost.

My good food

I ordered the salmon which was coated in a lovely sweet chill sauce. Along with the salmon was an accompaniment of fried rice peppered with chunks of prawns, which complemented the Salmon amazingly. The salmon was cooked just right and flaked off on the fork and I can only say that I inhaled the rice, some would say this is a good sign or that I was a famished child. All in all the service for getting our food may have been slightly longer than we wanted but this was not a problem as the food is defiantly worth the wait and whats exciting is the menu changed daily. So if your in the area and are feeling hungry and need a spot of refueling and refreshment I would advise you to stop off. Grab a cider, grab a seat in the garden in the sun and while away the hours.


2 responses to “Havelock Tavern – West London

  1. The prawns “complemented” the salmon, not complimented. If it was the latter, I’d suggest your food wasn’t cooked long enough 😉

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