London Marathon prep!

So the question I ask you is, What do you do to help a friend prepare on race day day. Well the prep starts at least 24 hours before the actual race.

Imogen – Imogen - Kitted outOur star runner, arrived at Hotel Amazeballs (my house) to stay prior to the race. My partner and I were more than accommodating seeing as the charity she was supporting was Cancer Research, a cause we both hold in high regard.

Her rules for staying we to rest and carb load for the race.

So we agreed to help her out.

Of course we did, how can I disagree with her rules when it comes to food. I LOVE FOOD!!!

We first started by basically planning out her days. On the Friday night we had a delightful Cottage Pie.

On Saturday, we decided the best course of action was to do nothing all day. Although we did venture to the shops, and the sun was shining and ladies and gentleman I rolled my trousers up, my pasty pins were basking in the sun. As the day progressed we ate loads. Bread, Jaffa Cakes, and Bananas. Then  in night we had a feast which was fit for a queen or two.

Please note the foods above we the following: Sweet Potato Cous Cous with Rocket, Grilled Halloumi, Beef Steak in a sauce I cannot remember, and an assortment of dips, oh and Chicken and there is some Asparagus too. I am sure the other half will be happy to supply his recipes.

On the Sunday after she had completed her run in a respectable 6hrs 30mins we treated her to a hot bath where I had made some homemade bathbombs for her as a treat.

photoDewberry with almond oil.

Finally for a victors meal we made a Prawn and Seabass Curry. I say we I meant Sam. It was amazing and I need people to try it, please ask for the recipe.

All in all I would say the prep we did for the race was perfect. Hotel Amazeballs is open to bookings.


One response to “London Marathon prep!

  1. You’re both my absolute heroes! Totally recommend doing this to anyone running a marathon!!! Perfect prep & recovery food & motivation. (Plus the post-race champagne & sympathy that were MUCH needed!)

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