Man flu, the good the bad the ugly!

MIA OK so I have been off the radar for like four days I believe! This is not because I got bored of writing my blog or was MIA but because I got MAN FLU. Yes the dreaded man flu. Most guys who have had it will sympathise,  most partners of guys who have had it will not. man-fluSo as someone who is generally healthy and rarely gets actual sickness bugs, I was knocked for six last weekend due to what I believe was a biological act on the United Kingdom (my body). Dramatic you might say but I am a very special solider, my mother tells me so. It was like a assassin, it crept up on me out of nowhere, quiet, worming its way deeper into my body until BOOM. The sweats. Hot cold hot cold hot bloody cold. It’s OK us men can deal with the sweats. Bring it on virus.
As the day progressed I started feeling like my body was betraying me. You might even say I was dying. As I lay on my bed feeling sorry for myself a wave of impending dread came over me. Rolling to the side as if I was on a boat in rough seas (very dramatic, trying to set the scene) it happened, I was sick. Now as you all will agree being sick is horrendous. Your poor throat and stomach twitching and churning. Whats worse is my partner was at this point comforting me. This is lovely but I don’t know about anyone else but man I was just embarrassed. Eyes watering, sounds no man had ever heard before don’t make you attractive to your mate. So all in all after this I was out of action for 2 days sleeping on the last day for roughly 14 hours.

But now I am back and will be blogging again. I am happy to say, I pulled through. Just!!! I made it, I saw the light but I did not keep walking. Man Flu is real.



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