Why do girls talk to each other while they pee? Toilet Rules!

Little observation we as men all see but never really get an answer why?


Toilet Chit Chat

At work we have separate toilets for both the men and women, but for some reason on the ground floor you can hear what the ladies are talking about, while you go to the bathroom.  We share a vent, I do not hang around in the ladies toilets.

I know for some of you this may be a crude topic but I have to ask, and this is one for you ladies, why do you feel the need to talk to each other as you do you business?

Only the other day at an undisclosed location I over heard what I can only assume was two ladies talking about there lunch.  Vimto sweets and a salad were on the menu. Whats the matter with this I hear you say. Well nothing is the matter with this, discuss your lunch selections but really must you do it mid flow? I find the whole concept of light chit chat slightly odd while you wee. Are you trying to cover up the sound of you actually going to the loo or is the ladies loo a secret sanctum where you feel you can gossip and catch up with colleagues. I asked a friend why you did this and her response was “its disgusting, I don’t know why”. I can guarantee that she would have had a little chat with someone at some point. Its built into your nature I think.

And whats worse it progresses to another level when alcohol is involved. Many a night out I have been out with two of my friends (ladies). As the nights gone on, and the seal finally gets broken the two ladies end up going to the loo together, sometimes hand in hand leaving a sad lonely man to look like a desperado on his own. Why do you need to go together. I know for a fact that some of the pubs where this has happened only have the one cubicle for ladies. What are you doing, sharing the loo? Are you taking it on turns as look at? I just don’t get it.

As a man when we go, there are rules. No talking and look straight ahead, you ladies present an alien concept to me. Feel free to comment and maybe enlighten me.


One response to “Why do girls talk to each other while they pee? Toilet Rules!

  1. Haha, your friend is right – it’s weird/ disgusting/ odd – but it’s what we do. Yes we do share cubicles – talking through the door would be weird, no? BUT there are rules for us too – at least in my experience…. you can’t just talk to any random woman (some drunken exceptions where I have know a whole block of cubicles to be discussing something URGENT – normally a rugby/lacrosse player or an absent ‘lady’). You don’t share a cubicle if there’s no queue/ more than 1 loo/ you’re sober, and there’s no real need to discuss stuff that you can discuss in the pub/ office that you’re in…. Which in my life means that the loos on the silent floor of my beloved library are where I learn all the important stuff from my friends!

    Oh…. And we don’t talk to men, that’s another boundary. Would be wrong!

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