Maggie Thatcher – Lesson to us all

Margaret Thatcher Iron Lady In the wake of the death of Baroness Thatcher it must be said that for all the wrong she may have done in the eyes of people she also challenged the ideology of modern living and politics. She was born as they say to a humble grocer, whether he was humble or not I do not know the man was gone before I was a twinkle in the universe but let’s just say the man owned two shops pretty good going in those days. She came from Grantham a small but proud town, home of the…….? There will be something it’s home to apart from Maggie. She lived above and shop and came from this humble background, yet she gives hope to the many who think that due to the circumstances into which your are born, you think there is no hope, there is no way to make a difference and no way to better yourself. I say take a look at Maggie, not for her politics and her wrong doings (if you call them that, depends what side of the fence you sit on) but look to her passion, her commitment and her desire to better herself. In an age where women were thought to be home makers, seamstresses or cooks she took a stand and ventured in another direction. Don’t get me wrong I understand women have struggled and fought before her for the rights to be heard but she is one woman that stands up in global recognition for being the first. The first woman in a modern era to lead a country! She is proof in my eyes that you if you strive and desire to succeed, you can. You just have to continue slogging your guts out and dusting yourself off and persevering. If Maggie had quit after her first two defeats at the general elections of 1950 and 1951 where would we be. Probably somewhat better off, but I would like to point out I am not Doctor Who and can see alternate times. I am also no historian and by no means the biggest fan of hers but you do have to admire her strength of character and resilience to stand up for what she believed in.

Again I don’t agree with her stances on many issues and don’t get me started on that hair style which in its own right is an abomination to man, but you have to agree she will be remembered. What she is remembered for is up to you got to say Spitting Image is defiantly up there for what I will remember her for.
So next time you think you are nothing and you can’t achieve look to the past and see what others have created out of humble beginnings! Just avoid looking at Hitler and the bad guys. It’s too easy in the current culture to write ourselves off and take the easy route.



2 responses to “Maggie Thatcher – Lesson to us all

  1. We need powerful people like Thatcher to look back on and debate – she inspired the generation after her to strive and that was important for the UK (I appreciate a lot of women of her generation had a problem with her lack of ‘feminist’ acomplishments….)
    I personally LOVED the hair though – I dream of such volume 😉

    • I totally agree with you, imagine what you can store in that amount of hair, who needs a bag.

      I agree with you its good for healthy debate, like I said she had good points and bad points and its a matter of balancing these out.

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